MAPS™ Life Coaching Program


    Life Renewed MAPS™ Life Coaching Program  

MAPS is a Four Step Process

LIFE RENEWED MAPS (M - measure, A-analyze, P-plan, S-succeed) Life Coaching Program is a planning process that coaches a person into positive behavioral changes. Using data from the Quality of Life Assessment Software, obtainable goals are created helping the individual develop a better quality of life. In planning sessions the Life Coach asks specific questions based on the results of the assessment.

The Life Coach helps the client identify causes for low scores, what is needed for improvement, and the desired outcome. The Life Coach then meets regularly with clients to monitor progress toward reaching their goals. The development of goals, measurable steps and the implementation of strategies included in our process have a profound effect on the ability of clients to improve their own quality of life.



Measure The client begins the program by completing our on-line, multiple-choice Life Renewed MAPS™ Assessment. The assessment scientifically measures and tracks physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and economic functioning and well being of the client.

Analyze Once their assessment is completed, it is automatically scored and analyzed. Then our software system generates a personalized assessment report. With the help of a trained Life Coach, the client reviews the results of the assessment to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Plan The Life Coach uses the assessment report to guide the client in developing a Life Map, or plan, with specific goals and steps. After reviewing the client’s assessment results, the Life Coach conducts a personal interview with the client to help the client pinpoint specific causes for low scores. The client works daily to complete one goal at a time.

Succeed After the client has taken their second assessment, the compared assessment reports give them an easy to understand, visual picture of their progress. As the client completes progressively more challenging goals, their confidence begins to grow.


The Life Renewed MAPS™ Life Coach Training Video This guided training seminar is used by administrators or program directors to train, assess, and evaluate prospective Life Coaches effectiveness.

The Life Coach Training Guide. The Life Coach Training Guide follows the PowerPoint and guides the Life Coach trainer. This training guide includes the Life Coach Training Test, given at the conclusion of the training.

The Life Coach Workbook. The Life Coach Workbook is completed by the prospective life coach during the training.